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An Internet Service Provider (ISP) simply put is a company that offers its customers access to the Internet from their home or business. For the most part an ISP will connect to its customers using data transmission technology that incorporates the use of a dial-up modem, DSL box, cable modem, Fibre to the Premise (FTTH) or wireless connection such as microwave or satellite transmission.

O-Net is immediate boon for business

O-Net is up and running and businesses could not be happier. Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012 03:00 am | Johnnie Bachusky Olds Albertan Weekly The new fibre optic service provider is earning early rave reviews for its speed and accessibility to … Continue reading

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Benefits gained using fibre-optic networks

Each day new technologies are integrated into our lives in an effort to simplify, automate, supplement, and ultimately improve how we operate. This integration of technology in our day-to-day lives is a shift that requires devices – computers, tablets, PVR’s, … Continue reading

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