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In order to have a website you need a domain name or “URL” (Uniform Resource Locator) and that domain name in short points to the server where your website is hosted. For example the domain name for this site is which is an acronym for “Olds Connected Community” and that domain name points to a server with an IP address of The IP address pinpoints where the server is physically located. How it gets there is a bit more complicated and we then have to talk about DNS or “Domain Name Server” … which is more than is needed here.

Olds Business and the Web!

For the last 2 years the Olds Connected Community Committee has conducted an independent business survey to see how much of a presence our local businesses have on the web.  In April 2010 we completed our first survey to bench … Continue reading

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Domain Name Registration For Your New Website

One of the first steps in having a website is the domain name registration. The process itself is simple enough but choosing the right name for your new website is important and requires thought and planning. Your domain name and … Continue reading

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