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Rick Kohut, Health Street

For the past 5 years, Olds has had a dedicated promoter of healthy eating and healthy living: Rick Kohut, R.H.N. Holistic Nutritionist at Health Street. Rick created the business out of his own search for healthy products for himself and his family, and the subsequent success of Health Street has been due in part to Rick’s use of technology to promote his business and his vision.

Via facebook, twitter, an online newsletter, and a subscription service for custom-designed, gluten free meal plans for his clients and customers, Health Street has transformed the opportunities available for Olds residents to live healthy lives. Rick offers in-store healthy living seminars and food classes (register early!), as well as nutrition consultations and biofeedback therapy. “I’m in love with food,” he says, and he has met with the producer of almost every product Health Street sells, to make sure they all meet his stringent health and quality requirements. The most recent technology advancement for Health Street…a new online store offering a full range of superior quality natural health products and gluten free food!

Health Street’s use of video recipes, online gluten free meal plans, and even a workout “flash mob” ensures that his business is growing, energetic, and very visible!

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Rick Kohut and Health Street…our newest “Champions of Technology!”

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