Have Yourself a “Techie” Little Christmas

We’re all wishing each other a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. Have you found a way to make your Christmas merrier, your Holidays happier…through technology? Tell us, and you may be $100 richer just before Christmas!

Maybe you’ve discovered the ultimate holiday app. Perhaps your Christmas photo album has gone digital. Maybe you’ve chosen “techie” Christmas gifts for your friends and family; or you’ve created the ultimate school project; or your business is booming because of “the cloud”!

Olds Connected Communitiy wants to hear your stories. How are you using technology to make your Holidays more peaceful, fun, rewarding, or memorable?

We’re offering $100 for the best submissions in each of three categories: family, student and business.

It’s free to enter, and there’s nothing to buy. Just send us your best holiday tech story by December 20, 2012. We’ll announce the winners the next day. We know that money doesn’t buy happiness, but who knows…you may find yourself with an extra $100 to help make Christmas more special for yourself or for others!

Check out our new YouTube video and download the full contest rules here.

Send your entries (or questions) to TechChristmas@oldscc.com

Presented by the Connected Community Committee of the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development.

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