Drew Taddia: True Form

Drew Taddia, local fitness guru and nutrition/lifestyle consultant, loves to play baseball. In fact, throughout his high school and College years, that was the focus of his activity—a passion that eventually took him all over the world: playing professional ball in the US, Germany, and Australia, before eventually coming back to Alberta and to Olds where he has been living for the past 1 1/2 years.

His interest in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was one of the things that made him stand out as an athlete, and he brings that knowledge to his Olds clients at True Form, through his new book Detoxify Yourself, and his Complete Truth Protein product.

Drew can be found on facebook and twitter, but his real web presence is through dozens of online videos, showcasing his determination  to help all his clients find the confidence to be their best selves…being the person they want to be and doing the things they want to do.

Drew Taddia: champion ball-player, champion fitness expert, and now our newest Technology Champion with the Olds Connected Community. Congrats, Drew!


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