Simple Life Celebrations — Tech Champions

Shawna Cevraini, Krystal Worth

Meet Krystal Worth and Shawna Cevraini: two Olds residents creatively and successfully using aspects of technology in their lives and businesses. Shawna and Krystal are the driving forces behind Simple Life Celebrations. Their mantra: “Ditch the Clutter AND the Guilt…Simplify Your Life!

Simple Life Celebrations uses everything from an attractive, witty, self-designed website and blog, to active facebook, twitter and YouTube posts, and their own series of Simplify ebooks, in order to get their message out and their organizing services to people who need them.

What impressed me most about this dynamic duo?  Their enthusiasm, humour, and conviction that they have something to offer that will truly make a difference in people’s lives. Past successes have included Celebrate Life, a week-long “healthy living summit” in Olds last February. Future plans: an online support group for working women; speaking engagements in Olds and beyond; and personalized organizing help over the internet. For a real challenge, I offered to send them a photo of my basement storage room, and it didn’t faze them in the least!

Krystal, Shawna, and Simple Life Celebrations — one way Olds is becoming a Connected Community. Do you have more examples of Olds residents improving their lives through technology? Get in touch and we’ll help share your stories.

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