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Lesley Winfield writes:

In today’s changing and interconnected world, we hear a lot about security. Are we safe on the Internet? Can the wrong people get to our precious and valuable digital information? But there are also some great ways that technology can help keep us safe and secure…in our own home! I recently had a new security system installed in my home and it has helped me in a number of ways, even beyond security.

First of all, the system has an app. Yes, like everything these days, “there’s an app for that” and I love it. From my phone I can check to see if the doors are locked or if someone forgot to lock them on the way out. I can even lock them with the touch of the screen. Likewise, I can monitor my alarm, arming and disarming as needed. I can even turn a lamp on and off periodically to make it appear that I’m at home. One of my favorite features, however, is the ability to receive a text when something unusual happens. When I recently went away, we asked someone to check on our house. I was able to get notifications when the system was disarmed so I knew that everything was working well. Likewise, if there had been a burglar alarm or fire alarm, I would have received a text immediately. Such a great way that technology can give you peace of mind!

One of the final and most impressive features of this system has to do with sustainability and power savings. I’ve always been environmentally conscious, so this was the feature that made my decision. Many people have programmable thermostats; however, having the thermostat integrated into your monitoring system allows you to change the temperature right from your phone. An added benefit, in my books, is that if you arm the system it will automatically set an ‘away’ temperature. If you go out for a few hours it will  turn down your furnace so you’re not wasting energy! There are many security providers out there, so I’ll let you do your own shopping around for the one that fits you. However, here are some suggestions if you’re interested in starting your research:

Home Security

Home Automation

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