Christmas gift list sharing made easy

Does your family share gift lists? the same list to everyone? and then people receive more than one of some of the neat things on the list? Our family has been using a free website that helps manage the lists for three years now – each person can prepare & save their list. Others in the group can see the list, add to it as a surprise, “claim” items they are buying so others know not to get it. Using the site helps prevent receiving those socks or ugly sweaters.

It’s called CheckedTwice – and it’s free. developed by a family for families. For this year, they have done major improvements. Adding a gift can now be done with automatic searches of for pictures & descriptions, or by a user provided link, or without any link. Customer support is great too – got a reply to a question about reminding family members who had not signed in yet within 12 hours.

The first person to sign up or other family members can invite others to join. Can be used for other occasions too – birthdays – would work as a wedding gift registry too.

It’s an example of how technology can be used to make our lives better – solving a problem we face. Merry Christmas

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