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The main speaker at a recent Olds and District Chamber of Commerce luncheon was Jeffrey Hubert, Business Centre Manager, Business Development Bank of Canada. Along with some of the other services BDC offers to business, Jeffrey talked about the support they offer for technology such as funding, advice and consultation. BDC recognizes the importance technology offers a business and they offer many technology based services under their ICT (information and communications technology) section. A unique and extremely valuable tool is their Website Assessment Tool (here’s the link).

The key areas this tool reviews are: accessibility, user experience, popularity, design and build. Also included are search engine optimization, mobile device accessibility and analytics information.

BDC Website Assessment Tool

If you have a business website it is worth it to take a few minutes to perform the assessment. The results may surprise you. The assessment tool is easy to use, just type in your website URL and away you go. The results are informative and they even offer advice on how to improve your website based on their key assessment areas. You can review the results on-line or download a PDF file.

BDC Web Assessment tool results

The results of the assessments of the websites we reviewed were eye-opening and accurate. Website technology changes as time goes by. If your site doesn’t take advantage of the latest improvements in website technology you may be missing opportunities to get the most out of your web marketing initiatives. Whether you manage your website or contract it out, run it through the free assessment tool and take some action on the recommendations.

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