Panasonic TV’s feature new technologies

Panasonic’s VIERRA line up for 2012 is one of the best to date for the consumer.
Delivering on the company’s five defining elements of IPTV lifestyle – picture quality, networking, ease of use operation, design and eco – Panasonic is introducing a cloud-based architecture that increases the VIERA Connect IPTV platform to include an unlimited number of apps and an enhanced Internet platform via a new browser feature. With support of the Panasonic VIERA Connect 1 Smart VIERA HDTV platform, a new wave2 of the company’s proprietary Internet functionality, users can access a wide range of internet-based video-on-demand content and applications, along with even more options for streaming video and social networking, a fully-integrated music application, unique apps for children, as well as intuitive and broader search features. Panasonic also continues its commitment to producing eco-friendly HDTVs. The new and improved high efficient LED LCD Panels reduce targeted power consumption up to approximately 25 percent over last year’s models plus the 2012 line-up of VIERA LED LCD HDTVs continues to benefit from the addition of the IPS LED Panel (In Plane Switching) technology which delivers a wide viewing angle and almost no picture degradation at off-angle viewing; a super high speed 1920 Backlight Scanning for higher moving-picture resolution during fast action scenes; reduction of afterglow; and a smooth, crisp image. Then to top it off Panasonic has 17 new models in the 2012 Smart VIERA line-up of HDTV Plasmas feature a range of screen sizes from 42-inches to 65-inches. For the ultimate in home entertainment, Panasonic has also added “3D Real Sound” with 8-Train Speakers to enhance sound quality and to further improve 3D viewing the latest generation of 3D glasses are now lightweight, at only 27 grams, utilizing Bluetooth technology, and feature a rechargeable battery. Available at Otto’s AVU in Olds, AB 403-556-3477
Prepared by Mike Hanna @ Otto’s AVU

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