Olds radio personality uses social media as tool in traditional media

Jamieson Brown, on air personality and marketing consultant for 96.5 CKFM and ROCK 104.5 in Olds Alberta uses social media tools Twitter and Facebook to connect with listeners. In this video Jamieson talks about the value of social media brings to traditional media in following breaking news. Using Twitter and Facebook he can reach out to listeners and keep them posted on the local sports stories he is working on. Using social media in his work in traditional media makes Jamieson Brown a Champion of Technology.

olds connected community - olds institute - RADF

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One Response to Olds radio personality uses social media as tool in traditional media

  1. Michael Girard says:

    Really excellent piece on using social media to develop relationships and deepen loyalties to your show and your radio station generally.

    People who listen to the radio are able to develop a unique relationship with radio personalities and feel like they know them even though interactions prior to social media were limited to calling the station or seeing them as hosts at various community events.

    Social media allows for those interactions to become more frequent and direct and can center around mutual topics of interest, in many cases, unrelated to the radio show or station.

    Really great example of using social media to promote your radio station!

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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