Media Release: Online Web Based Television Features Local Community Programming

Online Web Based Television Features Local Community Programming

(Olds Connected Community, Champions of Technology Series)

Tuesday January 11, 2011 (Olds, AB) – The loss of local terrestrial broadcast television in Central Alberta prompted Fred C. May Jr. to start-up on the internet to provide his community an opportunity to share their news and local programming with the world. May combines his many years in traditional broadcast TV production with internet based video technology to deliver video content featuring business and residents from Olds Alberta and the surrounding region.

“By using web technology we can bring people in Central Alberta what they lost when local broadcast television shut down”, explains May. “We’re part of this community and the people in this community can provide programming whether it’s a high-school football game or our local talk show”. is a pioneer in what has become a popular technology for people around the world to consume entertainment and news.

The online station provides local programming as a continuous stream on its main page and categorized video segments are available from a video-on-demand area. With the increased availability of high speed internet connections such as the Olds Institute’s fibre to the premise initiative, local and globally produced high definition video shows have the potential to reach a wide audience. Using web technology to provide local internet TV to their community makes Central Alberta a Champion of Technology.

The Olds Connected Community Committee is proud to feature the people and businesses that are using technology to get the job done in their Champions of Technology series. The video interviews with local Champions of Technology can be viewed at Within the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development, The Olds Connected Community Committee (OCC) is part of an ongoing community effort to both maintain and enhance cultural and economic growth and sustainability. The OCC is a volunteer group of Olds community leaders dedicated to the belief that the future of economic growth for the Province will be rooted in technology. Along with other committees including the Fibre to the Premise initiative, it is supported by the Rural Alberta’s Development Fund. To find out more about the Olds Connected Community project please visit their website at or email them at


Fred C. May Jr., Owner – Central Alberta – phone: 403-507-2338

Wilson Loree, Chair – Olds Connected Community Committee –


Fred C. May Jr., President,


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