Media Release: Leading the Way by Developing Websites for Mobile Devices

Leading the Way by Developing Websites for Mobile Devices

(Old Connected Community, Champions of Technology Series)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 (Olds, AB) – According to an Olds Alberta web developer, your business not only needs a website, it also needs to be accessible through mobile browsers such as those found on smart-phones, tablets and similar devices.  Ian Conklin from has developed a web portal system that goes beyond being just an online business directory by being mobile friendly.

“Fewer and fewer people are going to directories in printed books to find your company. What they are doing is looking you up on the internet”, explains Conklin when talking about changes in consumer behaviours. People are using their phones to search for local business information on the web. To make it easy for them to find you, your website should be able to present key contact info, such as a phone number and address compatible with a mobile device. Developing websites that are setting the standard by being mobile device friendly makes a Champion of Technology in the town of Olds.

The Olds Connected Community Committee is proud to feature the people and businesses that are using technology to get the job done in their Champions of Technology series. The video interviews with local Champions of Technology can be viewed at Within the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development, The Olds Connected Community Committee (OCC) is part of an ongoing community effort to both maintain and enhance cultural and economic growth and sustainability. The OCC is a volunteer group of Olds community leaders dedicated to the belief that the future of economic growth for the Province will be rooted in technology. Along with other committees including the Fibre to the Premise initiative, it is supported by the Rural Alberta’s Development Fund. To find out more about the Olds Connected Community project please visit their website at or email them at


Ian Conklin, President – OTR Web Solutions Inc & – phone: 403-507-8848

Wilson Loree, Chair – Olds Connected Community Committee –


Ian Conklin,


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