Family Trees and Charting

Ever struggled with trying to explain the relationship between cousins to a new family member? We had tried several times to design a method to show how cousins from both sides of our family were related. It became even more urgent to explain connections to a new daughter-in-law. After quite a few searches & exploring links, I came on a site that lets you build the family tree chart by adding people by relationship to whoever you want to start with. It automatically expands as more people are added. There is capacity to relate birth dates, death dates, marital relationships, offspring, pictures, addresses for each individual. It automatically arranges siblings across the page by date of birth – oldest on the left. The site says you can import and export to other programs – I did not try it. To get a hard copy, it easily outputs a pdf file to the number of pages wide and high that you select. Then the pdf file can be shared with family members – or it appears to be able to allow others to look at your family chart. Check out: – it’s free!!

Submitted by Wilson

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  1. joe says:

    Thanks Wilson, this is interesting. I have a family geneology with about 2000 names in the data base. When I get time, I’m going to see if I can import my data to this format.

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